Abington Studios

I'm Amy Jackson, artist and designer. I draw, paint, doodle, design websites and generally like to make things look pretty.

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Web Design

Good design balances form with function.
I enjoy making classic, stylish websites that enable intuitive use and navigation.

Who am I?

My love for portraiture started when I was very young; I remember sitting quietly one afternoon sketching the front cover of my parents' Bob Marley LP and realising I was on to something. I continued to draw for pleasure and also began painting.

So I've been drawing portraits my whole life, but it's only in recent years that I have become fascinated with what can be created digitally. For me, designing websites is about combining great typography, colours and layout while ensuring smooth function and easy navigation.

I founded Abington Studios in 2012, an art and design business that works on a personal level with its clients, to create unique and bespoke artwork, whether that be a special portrait drawing, a painting or a well-crafted website.

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For comments, questions, art commissions and sales, or queries about my web design services, please use the contact form below.

Abington Studios

Email: amy@abingtonstudios.com
Telephone: 07500 554 804
Address: Abington Studios, 122 Moreton Road, MK18 1PW